About me

I’m Pulkit Bhardwaj and I hope this site helped you with setting up your boutique. I started this site to help the users start an online boutique in lesser time. A while ago, there were many e-commerce platforms for setting up your store, but they were complex to use and not much great with the UX. Nevertheless, now there are many great online Store or website building platform- Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.

What will you find on BoutiqueSetup?

I have written about different e-commerce platforms and helped a lot of users in starting Shopify stores and find useful information regarding the same. Most of the pages available online don’t talk clearly about the legal documentation and that is why I started this website.

To get started, simply read this guide featuring How to start an online boutique.

If you are not sure about any step or just want to say Hi, then drop me an email on Pulkitbhardwaj [@] gmail.com.

Which are the best platforms for starting an online boutique?

Infographics comparing 5 different ecommerce platforms
Image credits- lodlois.com